Guest Beds

Solid oak guest beds: Invest in the comfort of your home

Are you planning to invite all your friends and throw a weekend party? Then you can’t afford to overlook anything that may make your guests feel unwelcome. Once you are done with preparing snacks and toying with entertainment ideas, take a moment to think about how to make their overnight experience beyond compare. If you have a guest room and are looking to furnish it for maximum comfort, our oak guest beds are for you.

From now on, you no longer need to spend thousands of pounds to transform your home into a luxurious 5-star hotel to accommodate your invitees. All you have to do is buy solid oak guest beds from Oak Heaven Furniture. They are handcrafted and affordable, giving your room a beautiful look at a fraction of the cost. One word of warning – these beds are so comfy that your guests may have a hard time getting out of them in the morning!

Your best manufacturer of oak guest beds in the UK

At Oak Heaven Furniture, we put a premium on 2 things: quality of the furniture that we offer and your satisfaction. To make sure both criteria are met, we use:

  • natural oak;
  • sophisticated woodworking techniques;
  • tried-and-tested finishing materials;
  • eye-pleasing designs.

No matter your choice, be it an oak guest bed with a trundle set or our newest Rondo one, you will get a 5-year warranty from Oak Heaven Furniture. In addition to that, you can forget about shipping costs when dealing with us. To help you save money on furniture purchases, we undertake to deliver all our solid oak guest beds in the UK for free. For more details, please take a closer look at our delivery information.

Are you still wondering how to be the perfect host? Buy Oak Heaven Furniture beds, and you will have no other choice but to exceed your guests’ expectations!

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