King Size Beds

Oak king size beds from Oak Heaven Furniture

If you have a partner with whom you share a bed, you need to make sure that both of you have plenty of space to relax and sleep comfortably. The problem is that finding a king size solid oak can be quite a chore. Oak furniture is often too expensive, and the costs of shipping are usually high. If these are the problems you are facing, you should become a client of Oak Heaven Furniture! We are a great alternative for those wanting to buy quality furniture at a discount.

Why you should buy our oak king size beds for sale

There are numerous reasons why so many people in the United Kingdom are buying beds from our company:

    • Superb craftsmanship

All of our furniture is made by first-rate tradesmen who have several decades of combined experience. Each of our beds is built to perfection.

    • Variety

We have many beds from which you can choose, including oak king size beds with storage space for all of your belongings.

    • Free delivery

Our company offers free shipping to most parts of the United Kingdom.

    • Fast Shipping

All of our products are delivered in one to two weeks

    • Affordable prices

No matter your price range, we offer beds for prices that everyone can afford.

Purchase a solid oak king size bed today

We have several years of experience building quality furniture for prices people can afford. If you are tired of looking through catalogs and going to brick-and-mortar shops only to find sky-high prices, look through our website instead. You are guaranteed to find an oak bed that will become a mainstay in your bedroom for years to come.

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